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Archive for January, 2018

Your iPhone dropping in water can be one of the scariest things but the truth is that this is a very manageable problem. The secret to iPhone water damage repair is making sure you act immediately before the damage becomes too much. If you think the problem is too much to handle, visit a technician for some expert advice. It is important to note that as many people say, a hair dryer will just cause further damage to your iPhone. Always remember not to plug it into a power source as you try to switch it back on.

Steps to take when your iPhone drops in water

Wipe the waterjgjfhgjfg

Immediately your remove your phone from water, the first step should be trying to remove as much water as possible. The first few minutes are essential so make sure you remove all the water at this time. To completely remove all the water use silica gel and wipe the phone dry. Make sure you shake off all the water in all the ports of the phone. You can find silica gel in an electronic store or a flower store because it is used in the drying of flowers. Silica gel can also be found in shoes because it is packed together with your shoes.

Package in a polythene bag

After wiping as much water, as possible it is now time to package the phone in a polythene bag to ensure that it completely dries. In the absence of silica gel, you can use cooking rice to dry out your phone. Put the phone in a transparent polythene bag and properly seal it using silica gel or cooking rice. Make sure you give it time to dry without disturbing it. At this time avoid touching it all the time because it needs time to dry. The phone should take about three days before it can fully dry back to working state.

Restore iTunes

jdhgdjhgjdhgAfter you are sure that the phone is completely dry, it is now time to restore back the iTunes. You can do that by connecting the phone to your personal computer where you had backed up your iTunes. This is an important activity necessary to bring back the iPhone into working state. If there is no more problem, your iPhone should be working just fine by the time you try restoring the iTunes.

If the phone does not work at this time, the chances are that there is more damage that could not be solved. This is now the time to look for a service provider to look for further damage.…

Fax machines have been very useful tools, especially for businessmen. They have become a great mode of communication between entrepreneurs, their customers, and business partners. Previously it was impossible for an office to run without this machine. Although some people think that emails have replaced a fax, this is not true. As such, many businesses currently use telescoping also known as a facsimile. This service has made receiving and sending faxes over gmail. Possible without having to use a fax machine. Here are some advantages of sending a fax over Gmail


Ease of usewjK;hionhoh

Typically, sending a Gmail fax is as easy as sending and receiving emails. The only difference is that with this mode of communication, you must have an email fax service and an actual fax number. Their features are not only easy to use, but you can also arrange the files so that you can retrieve them when needed. You do not need search through a file of papers. Instead, you can create a label for each file for easy retrieval.


As compared to the cost of using a real fax machine, Gmail faxing is not expensive. Remember, with the traditional way you need money to buy a fax machine, not to mention the papers, a separate phone line, and an additional electricity bill. As for the Gmail fax, you will only have to cater for an online fax number. More so, most companies are offering a 30-day free trial that you can take advantage of.


DWBUBU/bnWith an online fax, you can get your incoming fax anywhere, anytime as long as you have an internet connection. This makes it more advantageous than a traditional one that was limited only to the four corners of your office. Now, with this process, you can get your incoming faxes right in your inboxes. If you have a business, this makes it faster for you to communicate with your partners and clients.


Gmail faxing also allows you to choose whether to print or not to print any incoming faxes. Whatever you decide, you won’t be wasting any toner or paper. You may choose the images or documents that you want to have as hard copies. This is unlike the fax machine where the machine will print out all the faxes that have been sent or received.

Ideally, these are the advantages of sending a fax over Gmail. If you have never used one before you may take the advantage of it and enjoy the convenience.…