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Archive for the ‘Internet Marketing’ Category

With Google giving more focus on their advertisers rather than their publishers, it’s becoming extra hard to increase Adsense earnings nowadays.  You can learn another method at What’s good is that a lot of methods are being tested on a regular basis by Adsense publishers and most of them are more than willing to share their results. If you want a couple of up-to-date, helpful tips to gain a boost in Adsense earnings, then look no further than this list.


Go responsiveness

Choose to be responsive not only with your website as a whole but also with ads that you place on it. With the evident shkm35etd62t7eu62r25ey782u82i2ift that is happening in device mediums (users are becoming more prone to using mobile devices), it’s high time to start going for website themes that are responsive to all types of devices.

The same goes for using responsive Ad units. Keep in mind that if you are not using a responsive website theme, then going for responsive Ads would prove to be futile. The two practically complement each other, so if you expect the best results, you have make sure that you are using a responsive theme before opting to display responsive ad units.

Use the Allow/Block Ads section of Google Adsense

Many users are overlooking this feature from Adsense itself. With this tool, you can practically choose the kinds of ads that you want your site to display, based on category. After all, certain types don’t fit your niche, while some don’t even pay you after being clicked. It’s important to filter these ads out to optimize your CTR.

Take note that a lot of sensitive categories like Downloading, Gambling, Sex, etc. usually have high CTR, albeit having low CPC. If these categories are compatible with your niche, don’t hesitate to test them out. You can also choose to block certain Ad networks that don’t have attractive, responsive ads through this section. The key is to display only what works for your niche. Of course, this would require experimenting on your part.

Place your ads strategically

This could not be stressed more because a lot of publishers have already reported seeing an increase in CTR by about 70%+ just by experimenting in the. The key lies in understanding how an average website user’s mind works. If for instance, he is only looking for a bit of specific information on your site, it’s been found that it’s best to place ads at important “crossroads” in your article.

These are parts of your article body where you think your visitor would perform a different action rather than continue reading your article. This could be because he has already gotten the information kmn235erd52t62y27u282he needs or has grown bored and wanted to go someplace else. Of course, what better place to put ads than those places, right? These parts are often between the end of a paragraph and the beginning of new one, which has its headline.

These are but some of the most efficient ways to increase Adsense earnings presently. They are also evidenced enough of the fact that optimizing your earnings on Adsense involves testing and patience. If you aren’t willing to invest as much, you’ll never make the most out of this excellent ad platform.…

The 100k Factory Program is considered to be one of the best internet affiliate marketing tools around, so much excitement and interest were placed into the Ultra Edition Update. This update is essentially a larger cut of the pie than you are already receiving when you are using the standard 100k Factory Program.

For all the internet marketers and entrepreneurs, the Aidan Booth 100k eCommerce Factory is something to get educated on, because it delivers a whole lot more than the original. Expanding on what made the first edition so popular, Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth have come up trumps with an extension pack to get really excited about.


What is new?

Just like the last version, Ultra Edition promises to be fast, scalable as well as (what we all want) profitable. They alsobhyuftadgffgg still offer the same ending result (100k in a year, or $264 a day if you break it down – either way they’re pretty good figures).

But the difference this time around is the way the income is generated. The formula is this: selling physical products on your eCommerce shop in a bespoke way plus the creation of high targeted traffic with low-cost advertising equals quick and profitable conversions.

Proof that it works?

Steve and Aidan have tried and tested their new edition over 20 different times on as many different websites, with a varied range of different niches. The results from this testing have engendered a boosted feeling of confidence in their product, with the profitable results from each website being very lucrative.

Will it work for me?

Steve and Aiden have offered a fresh deal – a 90-day “business buy back”. Meaning if you’re not earning your dollar by the end of that time, the duo will buy your business off of you. This is sure to give customers a comforting feeling of confidence when purchasing their product.

Any other features?

bnkpjydfdfdYou’ll get a full website review, ensuring your site is as optimised as it can be. This is part of their 90 mentoring service, which is a great resource to have. You’ll also access to some private marketing tools, Facebook and Bing advertising credits and an offer of free logo design. These marketing tools are a fantastic resource.

Steve Claytons Ultra Edition Update is an exciting expansion of an already tried and tested scheme. The new features are a very viable and helpful set of structures with lots of confidence thrown behind it by Steve and Aiden.…