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Apple iPhone 4 remains one of the top phones around. The phone is currently available in many parts of the world. If you have one, you need to invest in accessories such as phone case, Bluetooth headset, rechargeable battery pack, and many more.

iPhone case
Your luxurious phone is prone to accidental falls and scratches. You need to protect it. Therefore, a cover is necessary. There are phone case 1different designs available on the market. The covers are made of a broad range of materials. Some of the materials used include leather, plastic, and silicone. The leather cases are currently the most popular.

It is advisable to customize your case. In doing so, your phone will be representing your personality. You can have a case with emblazed design or photo that matches your tastes. It is very easy to create your favorite cases online. If you lack ideas, feel free to search.

Bluetooth headset
This is an important accessory to luxurious phones. It is a wireless device that gives you opportunity to enjoy high-class features of your phone. For example, you can listen to your favorite music, receive incoming calls and perform other hands-free tasks thanks to this device.

phone case 2Rechargeable battery pack
Apple iPhone 4 is known to have excellent battery life. However, your activities are power intensive and therefore, you should carry a backup battery. For instance, when traveling you will find the battery very useful. These devices are available starting from rechargeable battery packs to the integrated wall charger. This will charge and power your iPhone.

Bumpers are designed to protect edges of your phone from tear and wear. However, they can do wonders such as preventing reception problems.

Flexible phone tripod
This is an accessory if you want to take pictures. Although the phone case 3emergence of selfie stick, this accessory will be a great addition. You need a portable and flexible tripod for high-quality photos. You are required to slide the case onto the tripod, set your timer, and snap the pic. The legs are designed to bend. This allows you to wrap it on rocky surfaces. Therefore, you can use a tripod stand during your outdoor activities.

This is a great accessory to turn your luxurious phone onto video and audio powerhouse. It has a weighty aluminum mount, which comes with 37mm wide angle lens. It also comes with an adjustable microphone. This extra heft does a great job of minimizing shake. Also, wide angle lens makes all things in frame simple.

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