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In essence, there are several kinds of web hosting services you could settle for. This means that before choosing any, you will need to take the time to comprehend fully just what it offers. More importantly, you will need to determine how it can meet your website’s needs along with the given budget you may be operating with. You should read several web hosting reviews uk to help you understand what you need. Let us now take a closer look at some of the most common web hosting plans, which are currently available in the market.


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This can be a very practical solution if you wish to set up a non-commercial website or blog. Its main benefit is the fact that you won’t be required to meet any costs of having your website online. However, there are several issues which are usually associated with free web hosting. For one, downtime can be frequent; the connection speed can be very slow, and the bandwidth you access can be smaller.

Additionally, advertising banners will be automatically included in your website’s content. Some providers may demand that you purchase a domain name before accessing this service. On the other hand, there are some who may provide you with a free sub-domain, besides the free web hosting.

Shared web hosting

In this plan, you will have to share a web server with other website owners like yourself. This, of course, includes all the software that are installed in the system. This package is noted for been extremely affordable as the overall cost of keeping the server up and running is squarely shared among all users. The main downsides of shared hosting are normally security issues, decreased bandwidth and slower connections due to the number of websites using the server.

Dedicated web hosting

In this plan, gbv43werd4r2wy727wyou will be able to access the services of a whole web server all to yourself. This means quicker performance, a larger bandwidth and unlimited access to all the resources installed on the server. Dedicated hosting can be excellent for websites which need a lot of system resources and an optimal level of security like e-commerce websites. The main issue with this web hosting plan is undoubtedly the high costs of maintaining it.

Collocated web hosting

These web hosting reviews would be incomplete if it didn’t touch on collocated web host services. In this particular scenario, you will purchase your very own web server, but it will be located in a hosting provider’s facility. Ultimately, you will be fully responsible for this server and its operations. The main appeal of this package is you will obtain total control of the server. This means you can install any scripts or software you wish. Like the dedicated hosting plan, this one can also be expensive.

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